Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hello all!

I thought I would start with a basic craft to get things rolling. 

This time I took the stamps to fabric, making a hand stamped scarf. I simply used one stamp, a paintbrush, an old scarf, and fabric paint. Easy!

So many amazing stamps!!

First, I painted black paint onto the tree stamp. Make sure it's evenly coated. I tested my designs on paper first to see which looked the best with paint. I loved the watering can but it had too much detail for this project. When I decided on the tree, I painted it, and then I just pressed it firmly onto my scarf!

Painting stamps...ignore the slightly messy room.

These are the stamps on paper. Notice that the dark watering can came out pretty ink-heavy. 

If you paint unevenly, or stamp without painting again, above^^ could occur. A little mistake that looks sort of vintage to me! 


And here, my friends is the final product!

Next time I stamp fabric, I think it would be really cute to make a headscarf! It would be so simple. Just scrap fabric, and then some funky stamps!

What have you all been making lately?



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