Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I'm Olivia Fay Bell, or Liv for short, and this is my pursuit of a sweet life. 

I was born, raised, and bred in New England and am attending college slightly west of my beloved region. I love anything with some rustic charm and organic love, especially if it's homemade.  

The inspiration for the name came from my adventures in beekeeping, and the label I have decided for my honey is "Liv Sweetly". 

I love long days of exploring, dresses of all kinds, the sun on my back, squeaky farmhouses, rivers, Birkenstocks, crazy curls, and the time between changing seasons. I've always been a crafter, and as I've gotten older I have grown more inspired to perfect my skills and pick up new interests along the way. I mostly create with what I have at home, and I try to be thrifty and eco-conscious. 

Food is one of my dear passions, and I try to eat as locally and organically conscious as I can. I'm always willing to chat about anything foody, whether it's a to-die-for recipe or food ethics.

Thank you for stopping by; do stay a while!


  1. I just got a notification that you created's already so cute :) I can't wait to read more!!

    1. Aw thanks Katie :) Still working out the kinks with this, haha. I'm loving your blog too!

  2. I know these blog websites can be really techy! Thanks so much :)