Friday, July 11, 2014


Don't you just love vacations? Near, far, long, short; they are just lovely. This year my family is exploring the Adirondacks and Ottawa, Canada. I'm so excited to explore more of the areas close to home. I've always loved the idea of travelling to places vastly different than my home, but I have come to realize the charm that more familiar places have. I also love Canada and have never been to Ottawa! Any suggestions?

I started packing so I can revise/repack/revise/add/revise/take out until the last five minutes before we go, as usual. Here's a few pointers to make your packing go easier!

  1. Neutrals. Packing pieces that go with everything make for an easy trip. It definitely saves space, and you won't spend a lot of time picking an outfit.
  2. Pack for comfort. The beauty of vacations is that they can be incredibly spontaneous. Instead of trying to pack for every occasion, pack outfits you'll feel most comfortable in. I personally love wearing dresses, and feel best in them. What's your go-to piece?
  3. Accessories. Be wary of bringing too much. They can take up space! Stick to the classics. For me this means pearls (knock-offs; I'd be too nervous to bring the real thing!) and my watch. 
 Dress: Urban Outfitters // Sunglasses: The Daytrip Society
 Dress: Brandy Melville // Denim: Gap // Necklace: Forever 21
Tank: Thrifted // Top: Gap // Shorts: Thrifted (topshop)

Happy Travels,


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